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Charlie Mike Podcast

Nov 11, 2019

ABC News is back at it, failing to live up to their responsibilities as journalists.

Oct 29, 2019

ABC News aired footage claiming to be from Syria which was quickly revealed as being untrue.  I explore what may have happened and demand an explanation.


Oct 22, 2019

This week my colleagues and I discuss recent sightings of UFO's in the North Carolina Area, the Navy admitting some strange videos are in fact genuine, and what events in history we would travel to, just to know the truth.  We had some laughs, and hope you do too.  Links to the videos we discussed are below. 


Oct 15, 2019

This week I was able to sit down and chat with an old buddy of mine.  We both served as Criminal Investigators for the US Army and we share our thoughts on todays criminal justice system.

Oct 8, 2019

Almost everyone has witnessed something they can't explain or that just seemed strange.  This week I sat down with my colleagues and we talked about some of the odd encounters we have had over the years.